Sneaker Schmuck 2018


  • Sneaker jewelry Laura

    Sneaker jewelry Laura

    14,90 EUR

  • Sneaker jewelry Lea

    Sneaker jewelry Lea

    14,90 EUR

  • Sneaker jewelry Lina

    Sneaker jewelry Lina

    14,90 EUR

  • Sneaker jewelry Julia

    Sneaker jewelry Julia

    14,90 EUR

  • Sneaker jewelry Nele

    Sneaker jewelry Nele

    14,90 EUR

  • Sneaker jewelry Anouk

    Sneaker jewelry Anouk

    14,90 EUR

  • Sneaker jewelry Amelie

    Sneaker jewelry Amelie

    14,90 EUR

  • Sneaker jewelry Ella

    Sneaker jewelry Ella

    14,90 EUR

  • Sneaker jewelry Emily

    Sneaker jewelry Emily

    14,90 EUR

  • Sneaker jewelry Leonie

    Sneaker jewelry Leonie

    14,90 EUR

  • Sneaker jewelry Mia

    Sneaker jewelry Mia

    14,90 EUR

  • Sneaker jewelry Luisa

    Sneaker jewelry Luisa

    14,90 EUR

  • Sneaker jewelry Mila

    Sneaker jewelry Mila

    14,90 EUR

  • Sneaker jewelry Lisa

    Sneaker jewelry Lisa

    14,90 EUR

  • Sneaker jewelry Emilia

    Sneaker jewelry Emilia

    14,90 EUR

  • Sneaker jewelry Anna

    Sneaker jewelry Anna

    14,90 EUR

  • Sneaker jewelry Marie

    Sneaker jewelry Marie

    14,90 EUR

  • Sneaker jewelry Lara

    Sneaker jewelry Lara

    14,90 EUR

  • Sneaker jewelry Lena

    Sneaker jewelry Lena

    14,90 EUR

  • Sneaker jewelry Sarah

    Sneaker jewelry Sarah

    14,90 EUR

  • Sneaker jewelry Sophie

    Sneaker jewelry Sophie

    14,90 EUR

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Jewelry on the sneaker? Yes, of course.

Just like fashion, the accessories change over and over again, and that's exactly what makes fashion fun. Why do we love fashion? Tension, individuality and the search for new trends ... and now we can satisfy you - here is the TREND 2018 - Style your sneaker with sneaker jewelry.

True to the motto "tried and tested is preserved and supplemented with something new", the unique sneaker jewelry collection was created. Most of the pieces of jewelry are very feminine and put your favorite sneaker into action.

Sneaker jewelry for all who like to underline their individuality and personality - we love it striking! Regardless of age, the enchanting pieces of jewelry complete your favorite sneaker for your leisure as well as your business look.

Sneaker Jewelry Made in Europe

All sneaker jewelry will be produced in Germany, Italy and the Czech Republic, so that we can guarantee quality and price permanently. It is the details and the quality of the robust materials that make the sneaker jewelry to something special. For many years our production company has been aware of the challenges and demands of handcrafted jewelry. The team, mainly female works stone by stone in every sneaker jewelry by hand. It’s a pure manual work.

Style your sneaker in just 2 steps:
Pick your favorite sneaker jewelry - thread it into the shoelace - done!

Sneaker Love
Whether Rio, New York or Tokyo - sneakers are not just a big trend - they are a fashion statement worldwide. Why? Very easily. A shoe rack without a sneaker - unthinkable. Sneakers are always worn today and everywhere. Whether casual, creative, wild, colorful or stylish, whether as a sporty running shoe, business shoe or must-have in the fashion scene, whether classic, in cool white, colorful or pop, with prints, in metallic look, floral embroidery or with glitter. You can buy sneakers to every outfit and in an unprecedented variety - yeah!

From sports shoes to fashion items
The sport shoe was only seen a few years ago in fitness clubs and sports halls, the motto today is: hip, hipper, sneaker. Since the designers combine haute couture with sneakers and show them on the catwalks of the fashion scene, there is no longer any taboo. The sneaker is the hip fashion item and it's impossible to imagine the fashion world without it.

Dress code sneaker
Sneaker for a chic business look, is that possible? Why not. If the sneaker is not too colorful or too sporty, then a classic suit or a simple pencil skirt gets a fashion upgrade and becomes a trendy office outfit. Previously an absolute no-go, today a cool fashion statement.

So casual, so cool, so stylish - sneakers are cult - sneaker jewelry now too!
And the best part is. They are available for everyone - worldwide.

From every sold sneaker jewelry will be € 1.00 donated to PLAN International.

Plan International works as a children's charity in more than 70 countries. Regardless of their origin, religion and politics, all girls and boys should be able to lead a life free of poverty, violence and injustice.